Tummy Tea

$ 21.63

A classic botanical combination formulated to promote healthy digestion and to ease occasional discomfort.  Delicious and effective, this blend can be enjoyed as a tonic, for immediate first aid support or simply as a lovely after dinner treat.

To Use: 1 Tbsp. of tea blend per cup of water. Let steep 15 minutes- 8 hours. Strain and enjoy.

100% Organic Ingredients: Organic Fennel, Organic Marshmallow, Organic Peppermint, Organic Chamomile, Organic Licorice, Organic Meadowsweet and Organic Calendula

Thank you for your patience as we have transitioned our tea-blend packaging from glass jars to compostable bags. We chose to make this shift to further our sustainable practices and to account for ongoing industry-wide material shortages. We will share photos of the new packaging as soon as the design change is complete.

In the meantime, we are excited to now offer our tea blends pre-poured in medium or large compostable kraft brown bags, which roughly correspond with our previous pint and quart jars. We also continue to offer our teas in bulk and in samples, packaged in compostable bags. Please remove all labels before composting.

Please select your preferred quantity below to reflect the number of bags, bulk ounces, or individual samples you’d like to order.

Customer Reviews

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Lily McGrain
Favorite Tea in the world!

This tea is the best! I can't get enough of it! It's naturally sweet, soothing, and is consistently my evening ritual to enjoy.

martha mahr
Tummy tea is great stuff!

I bought this to soothe my troubled gut that suffers from multiple disorders. I fully expected it to taste bad simply because most of what I have to take for my tummy does. So it not only soothes but tastes so very good. I'd drink it as a treat for myself even if I had no issues. Can't believe it's so good for me and just plain good as well. Thank you Rebeccasherbs!

Patti Chambers

I bought it hoping it would not only help in digestion but with heartburn. It did both!!