Flower Essences

Frequently Asked Questions

What are flower essences?

  • Subtle, vibrational remedies that work on the emotional body.
  • Designed to heal specific emotional patterns of imbalance to bring harmony to mind and spirit.
  • Created by making a sun infusion, which imprints the energetic healing qualities of the plant into water.
  • They do not have a direct physiological action, but rather work on a more subtle emotional/spiritual level. Therefor are safe for adults, children and animals and are not contraindicated with other medications they are also safe for use during pregnancy

How does one use flower essences?

  • Can be taken internally, applied topically, put into a bath or as an aromatherapy spritzer
  • Most common taken internally as a dose of 4 drops 4 times a day
  • In acute emotional upset flower essences can be taken more frequently
  • Larger quantity does not create stronger effect, rather more frequent doses is more important.

How would one choose an essence to work with?

  • When choosing an essence think “what is my emotional experience in this moment?”, “What emotional imbalance do I feel ready to confront right now?”
  • Like an onion human emotions have many layers, working with flower essences can help peel away layers revealing deeper aspects of your emotional self. As you feel emotions change it is also good to check into if the particular flower essence formula is still resonating with the changed states. If it no longer matches it is good to move to the next layer to address those emotions.

How many essences in one formula?

  • At times it may feel you need all of them. It is best to narrow down 6 or less for any one formula, work with that for addressing a specific emotional state then reproach when the time is right for changing and adjusting the formula to your changes of emotional states
  • They can also be used as individual essences with great benefit as one at a time.

How long should one take a flower essences formula?

  • As a general rule, when the issue/problem that you are working with feels resolved, you can stop taking it and move to another emotional imbalance or take a break.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask for assistance.


Enjoy your journey!