Custom Flower Essence

$ 12.50

Flower essences are subtle, vibrational remedies that work with emotional healing. They are created by making a sun infusion of the flowers which imprints the energetic healing qualities of the plants into water. Dr Edward Bach created a line of flower essences in the 1930's to heal specific emotional patterns of imbalance.

We offer both Bach and FES Quintessential Flower Essences by the drop enabling you to custom formulate your own flower essence blend.

If you know the Flower Essences you would like in your Custom Blend simply choose up to 8 from the drop-down menus.

If you need help determining which essences to use, we've provided 2 different questionnaires, one for Bach and one for the FES Quintessential line. The essences can be combined anyway you would like. Read through and see which essences most call out to you.

Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire

FES Quintessential Flower Essence Questionnaire 

Sometimes it is helpful to make a list of potential choices. It is normal to want to use more than 6, but we recommend you keep it to 6 or less; this gives the flower essences “room” to do their work.

For frequently asked questions on the Flower Essences, please click on the link below.

Flower Essence FAQ