Fabulous February


Spice up your Valentine's Day with Herbal Delights from Rebecca's!

At Rebecca's we strive to have the perfect gift for you, your sweetheart and loved ones. Choose from a variety of Valentine's goodies, made with love right here in our kitchen. Some of our Valentine's Day favorites include Sweet Love Tea, the Valentine's Spritzer, Ultimate Love Oil, our of selection luscious lotions, sensuous bath salts and so much more.

We have some great upcoming Valentine's Day medicine making classes; Herbal Chocolate Making on Monday, February 3rd will include all the necessary information to make your own delicious herbal chocolates including material on herbal aphrodisiacs and heart herbs such as Maca, Hawthorn, and Rose. We also have an upcoming Kids Herbal Experience on chocolate making Sunday, February 9th, where kids can learn to make their very own chocolate.

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New Products & Promotions

Gift Bag

Lavender & Rose Gift Bags

A truly unique, local and lovingly made Valentine's gift, our Lavender and Rose Gift Bags are too good to pass up! Each bag contains a delightful medley of either Rose or Lavender goodness; from a Beautiful Blend of Lavender, Roses and Chamomile, Bath Salts, Infused Coconut Oils, Spritzers, Lip balms and Scented Shea Butters, this gift bag is sure to make its recipient feel loved and pampered.

Ultimate Love Oil

Soft, spicy and sweet, this sultry blend of Cinnamon and Jasmine essential oils in a base of Jojoba oil and Comfrey leaf infused olive oil is a balanced aphrodisiac for men and women alike. Used as a massage or bath oil, or worn as a light perfume, you are sure to bliss out with this blend.

Lover's Perfume Roller

The most natural perfume you can find! Our perfume oils are a blend of first pressing golden organic Jojoba Oil and 100% pure essential oils including Jasmine, Ginger, Vetiver & Ylang extra...Great for both men and women, this blend contains oils traditionally used as aphrodisiacs which encourage feelings of comfort, and confidence whilst making the senses more acute.

Love Oil

Valentine Spritzer

Warm your senses with this aphrodisiac spritzer. Sweet and luxurious, this blend of Jasmine, Frankincense, Ginger, and Fir Balsam, sweet and sensuous this blend is sure to please.

Fresh Violet leaf infused olive oil

Violet leaves are a gentle but powerful medicine. To preserve the potency of the fresh, heart shaped leaves, we lovingly infuse them in organic virgin olive oil. Violet has traditionally been used as a cooling antiseptic agent helpful for skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, and hives. Violet leaves also have a particular affinity for breast tissue making it the perfect oil for breast self-exams and self-care. High in nutritious vitamins and antioxidants, Violet leaves are a wonderful way to help our bodies get ready for a healthy and energetic spring. Use the oil externally by itself or in your favorite lotion or salve recipe

Book of the Month

Botanica Erotica: Arousing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Diana De Luca
This sensuous book is filled with amazing pictures, delicious recipes and well thought out information on herbal aphrodisiacs and reproductive health. From "Cleopatra's Love Nuggets" to "Diana's Delight Bath" the scrumptious recipes presented in this book are perfect for your Valentine's pleasures! And, it is now 50% off! Wow, what a deal!

Staff Picks

Breast Oil

Lauren's Pick

Rebecca's Breast Oil
Tucked discretely in a corner of Rebecca's Apothecary is one of my absolute favorite blends — Rebecca's Breast Oil. Lovingly formulated to support and inspire women in a practice of breast care, I use this soothing, gently circulatory blend to help clear stagnation and ease soreness and inflammation, while nurturing overall breast health. Here, the sensual depth of Rose Geranium and earthy, tranquil Frankincense is held in the smoothest base of Jojoba and Violet leaf infused olive oil. The scent and sensation of this oil reminds me how the body truly is a temple.


Herbal Chocolate Making

Monday, February 3, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor, Liz Philbrick, certified clinical herbalist & nutritionist
Cost: $35.00
What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with chocolate? In this class we will cover the history and benefits of chocolate as well as how to make herb infused chocolates. Be prepared to get creative in the kitchen and make some of your very own chocolate to take home.

Hydrosols and Floral Waters

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor, Adriana Sugrue, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $35.00
Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, are steam distillations that contain the whole essence of the plant. A wonderful addition to homemade body care products, culinary recipes, and skin care.

Kids Herbal Experience: Chocolate Making

Sunday, February 9th, 2014, 1:00-2:30pm
Instructor: Tzuria Malpica, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $30.00
In celebration of Valentines Day join Tzuria Malpica for an extra special kids medicine making class.

Reishi Mushroom

Monday, February 17h, 2014, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor: Tzuria Malpica, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $30.00
In this class we will cover the medicinal properties, history, lore, and spiritual aspects of Reishi.

Natural Baby Care

Thursday, February 20th, 2014, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor: Faith Goguen Rodgers, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $35.00
Learn how to create all the essential baby care products, including diaper cream, baby powder, baby wipes, teething oil and more.

Clean Your Home Naturally

Thursday, March 13th, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructors: Faith Goguen Rodgers, certified clinical herbalist and Whitney Johansson, certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist
Cost: $35.00
We will cover all the basic supplies, ingredients & essential oils you will need to create a natural cleaning kit for your home.

Kids Herbal Experience: Sprout Forth

Sunday, March 30th, 2014, 1:00-2:30pm
Instructor: Tzuria Malpica, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $25.00
Together we will choose seeds, plant them and discuss ways to use them. Each child will take home a small potted herb garden and a handout explaining how to care for it and what medicine each herb has to offer.

Herbal Bar

Monday, March 17, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm
Participants must be 21 or over

Instructors: Liz Phillbrick, certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist and Amber Brisson, certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist
Cost: $40
Come explore how to make all of the mixers and main ingredients needed to stock your very own herbal bar!

Preparing for Allergy Season

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor: Lauren Stauber, certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist, licensed massage therapist
Cost: $35
e'll discuss how we can prepare ahead of time, supporting our bodies to be less prone to allergies. We'll also explore some of the ways herbs can bring relief from acute symptoms along the way.

Lotions & Creams

Thursday, March 27th, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor, Faith Goguen Rodgers, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $35.00
Learn to make decadent lotions and creams in your very own kitchen! This class will give you simple techniques, tips and easy to follow recipes.

Herb of the Month

Each month one of our staff members picks an herb that they are drawn to, and shares some experiences, thoughts, medicinal uses and a bit of traditional lore about their selected plant. As each plant is unique, each Herbalist and point of view is unique. We hope you enjoy this tradition! Goldenrod

Herb of the Month — February
Adri Sugrue, certified clinical herbalist


Latin Name
Solidago canadensis


Parts used
Aerial parts

Medicinal Properties
Goldenrod is a common garden plant that also grows wild throughout Europe and North America. You may have seen its yellow flowers popping up as a weed in your backyard or in nearby pastures and meadows. This plant has been used for a warming and drying effect which is a wonderful combination for inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, gastro-intestinal tract, and genitourinary tract.

Because of its reputable anti-inflammatory and drying properties this plant is used in combinations during allergy season. Goldenrod has traditionally been used to dry out wet mucous conditions and the aromatic essential oils are thought to be well suited to help eliminate bogginess in the system stemming from cold and dampness (aka stuck cases of low grade chronic bronchial infection).

Goldenrod has a long history of use with an affinity for the kidneys. Dr. J. G. Rademacher, a German doctor in the nineteenth century commented that "this herb is a very old and good kidney medicine". The herb has historically been used to flush out kidney and bladder stones.

Because of Goldenrod's mild action, it has historically been deemed appropriate for treating gastroenteritis in children. Externally it has been used as a mouthwash for inflammations of the mouth, throat and a as wash for minor skin wounds.

Goldenrod Safety
There are no reports of contraindications or side effects when used properly. However, herbs that are stimulating to the kidneys are contraindicated in cases of obstructive urinary stones, edema due to impaired heart or kidney function, and kidney inflammations. Consult a medical practitioner before use if there is any concern. Those with allergies to the Compositae or Asteraceae (Chamomile) family should also avoid use.

Since it is the aerial parts that are used medicinally, make an infusion, boiling water and then steeping 1 tablespoon of herb to 1 cup of water.

Allergy Tea
1 pt Eyebright
1 pt Plantain
1 pt Goldenrod
1 pt Boneset
1 pt Peppermint

Combine the herbs in equal parts. Use 1 Tablespoon tea blend per cup of water. Heat water and pour over herbs, covering with a lid. Steep for 10-20 minutes. Great remedy for copious, watery mucous.

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH
Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra, N.D.
Herbal Vade Mecum by Gazmend Skenderi
Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty