Naturally Handcrafted Valentine's


decadent rose face butter Indulge
Decadent Rose Face Butter
Our most decadent product to date. Small-batch blended, never heated, with only five precious and deeply nourishing ingredients. Created to leave your skin feeling fully pampered, rejuvenated, healthy and beautiful.


The Flower of Love


Coconut Rose Oil
Organic, virgin coconut oil infused with organic red rose petals, "the flower of love."  Sensual and soft, this massage oil is safe enough even for the most delicate skin tissue.

ultimate love oil
Ultimate Love Oil
This sultry blend of Cinnamon and Jasmine essential oils in a base of Jojoba oil and Comfrey-leaf-infused olive oil is a balanced aphrodisiac. Used as a massage or bath oil, or worn as a light perfume.

Love Spritzer
In the mood for love
Love Spritzer
A decadent blend of three precious oils, Jasmine Absolute, Neroli Essential Oil, and Rose Otto. Made from 100% pure and organic essential oils and vibrant Colorado spring water.

Valentine's Spritzer
Just in time to celebrate this holiday of the heart, an aromatherapy spritzer that is sweet, spicy and sensual. Fabulous and sexy for men and women alike.



Love Potion Tea Recipe
DIY Valentine's Day
Heart Healthy Aphrodisiac 

Rose buds1 part Hawthorne Leaf & Flower
1 part Damiana
½ part Hawthorne Berries
½ part Ceylon Cinnamon Chips
¼ part Linden
¼ part Pink Rose Buds
(parts are by volume)

Combine ingredients together. Prepare a tea by infusing 1 Tbsp of herb into 1 cup of water for 10 - 15 minutes.