Rebecca's turns 11!

Fall is always an exciting time here at Rebecca’s Apothecary, students head back to school, seasons are changing and on Saturday, September 12th we celebrate 11 years since Rebecca first opened her doors and welcomed in the community.  Rebecca’s Apothecary continues to be a down home herb shop which seeks to connect the community with botanical medicine by providing raw materials, education, and carefully crafted products. 

Anniversary Sale 

This year we will be celebrating 11 awesome years by offering 11% off on all purchases made in our brick and mortar store on the day of our anniversary, September 12th.  
Thank you for your continued support, patronage, referrals and wonderful smiles that brighten our day! We just love our community!

New Products 

Salty Sage Deodorant
Rebecca’s now has our very own deodorant! A therapeutic blend of White Sage infused oil, naturally mined Baking Soda, French Green Clay and Himalayan salt. This skin friendly and effective botanical blend is sure to keep you and your loved ones fresh and clean. 

Geranium Shea Butter Geranium
Luxurious and lovely, Geranium scented Shea butter is deeply rejuvenating and balancing for a wide range of skin types. This rich and creamy butter soaks into right into the skin and is gentle enough to use on the whole body. Whipped to perfection, this blend of refined Shea butter and Geranium essential oil is a new shop favorite. 

Carnauba Wax 
A vegetable wax, harvested from the leaves of the Brazilian Palm, Carnauba (Copernicia cerifera). Valued for its hardness and high melting temperature (180 degrees F), Carnauba wax is often used in cosmetic recipes for its durability and glossy finish especially in lipstick, lip balm, salve and cream recipes. When using in place of Beeswax for a recipe, start by using half the amount of Carnauba compared to Beeswax called for in the recipe. 

FES Quintessentials Set
We are so excited to add this remarkable line of 103 flower essences to our flower essence line at Rebecca’s. The quintessential line is an additional 103 flower essences on top of the original 23 Bach remedies. Flower essences are safe, potentized, vibrational remedies which derive their energetic healing capabilities from flowers. Designed to heal emotional patterns of imbalance and to bring harmony to mind and spirit. At Rebecca’s you can create a custom flower essence blend with one of the herbalists on staff or choose an individual essence to work with on its own. 

Macadamia Nut Oil Macadamian oil
Organic, unrefined Macadamia Nut Oil is now back in stock! A lightweight, medium bodied oil that has traditionally been used to hydrate, soften and moisturize all skin types. The Cookies & Cream Lip Balm recipe is a wonderful way to enjoy the nutty and regenerating properties of this great oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil 
Organic, cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil is also coming back in stock! Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this medium-heavy bodied oil easily absorbs into skin and has traditionally been used to reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. This oil can be used on its own as a moisturizer or incorporated into a massage oil, lotion, salve, or cream recipe to utilize the healing properties of this restorative oil. 

Mineral Make Up Materials 
In addition to the wonderful colored Micas and clays we currently have in stock, Rebecca’s will now be carrying supplementary mineral bases to create homemade foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow and more. The minerals we are bringing in include Magnesium stearate, Allantoin, Sericite mica, Titanium dioxide and Iron oxides. We are also bringing in empty mascara tubes to fill with your very own homemade mascara! 




We love hydrosols! Our current line of organic hydrosols now includes Chamomile, Cucumber, Local Lavender, Geranium, Neroli, Rose and Tulsi Basil with Helichrysum soon to arrive.   Hydrosols, sometimes referred to as flower waters are produced alongside the essential oil distillation process. They contain water soluble components (microscopic droplets of essential oils) of the plant. Hydrosols can be used in many fun and creative ways. Gentle and effective, hydrosols are safe for babies, children, animals and the elderly. From skin toners to hair rinses and cleansing sprays, there are so many practical and innovative ways to embrace hydrosols in your daily life. We also have a Muscle Recovery Lotion recipe utilizing the healing hydrosols of both Tulsi Basil and Helichrysum. 

Muscle Recovery Lotion

Adapted by: Adri Sugrue 

Tulsi Basil

One of the newest members of our hydrosol collection, Tulsi takes the main stage in a muscle recovery lotion.

Tulsi basil has been used to aid the body in adapting to stresses due to the physical and environmental changes that we experience every day.  Because of its ability to stimulate the circulatory system, it may also help relieve lactic acid build up we experience after a hard workout or endurance endeavor.

This recipe’s ultimate direction is to soothe sore muscles, calm inflammation, speed up the healing of bruising, and repair oxidative damage to the skin, which can happen through extended exposure to the outdoors.

Adapted from Rosemary Gladstar’s Recipe “Rosemary’s Perfect Cream” p.54, in Herbs for Natural Beauty By Rosemary Gladstar.


Makes 12-15 fl oz. 


Water Phase 

4 fl oz. Tulsi Hydrosol
2 fl oz. Helichrysum Hydrosol
2 fl oz. Aloe Vera Juice

Oil Phase

6 fl oz. Arnica infused olive oil
3 fl oz. Coconut Oil
.75 oz grated Beeswax or Beeswax pellets
10 drops Rosemary Antioxidant

Essential Oils

20 drops Marjoram
10 drops Lemongrass
10 drops Sea Buckthorn

Blend the Water Phase in one glass measuring cup/jar and the Oil Phase in another jar.

Place both jars in a saucepan and fill with water until it reaches halfway to the outside of the jars (makeshift double boiler). 

Slowly heat the water mixture and the oil mixture simultaneously until the oils and beeswax have melted together.

Take off the heat. Pour the Oil Phase into a blender.

Let the Oil Phase cool until the temperatures of both phases are within 5-10 degrees of each other.

Turn on the blender, slowly pour the Water Phase into the blender and watch the oil and water emulsify.

Once the mixtures have emulsified, add the essential oils and Rosemary antioxidant, blend a little bit more until fully incorporated.

Pour the lotion into your chosen containers. Do not lid until the lotion has completely cooled.

Store in fridge.  Shelf life if properly stored should be about 4-6 months.  If not stored in fridge, 1 month.