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Our Picks for Pampering Mom!

Beautiful Blend
Add beauty to Mother's Day! Rebecca's Beautiful Blend can be used as a facial steam to tone and relax skin, or the bath for a fragrant, soothing soak. 

Queen’s Bath 
Fit for a Queen, this decadent bath salt is like bathing in a garden of flowers. 

Rose Bath & Body Oil 
A celebration of the love, beauty, and decadence of Rose. Can be used as a nourishing moisturizerfor massage, worn as a light perfume or added to a bath.

Recipes for Mother’s Day Gifts


Sunny Days Perfume Spray

1 oz Rose Hydrosol, Lavender Hydrosol or Distilled Water
3 drops Palmarosa
1 drop Cardamom essential oil
3 drops Orange essential oil
1 drop Jasmine absolute
2 drops Spruce essential oil
2 drops Melissa 5% essential oil
1 oz Boston Round bottle with Spray top 

Add drops of essential oils to hydrosol  or distilled water base. Cover with spray top and shake to incorporate essential oils. Let sit for 1-3 days for blend to integrate and develop. Apply as a perfume spray or as an aromatherapy spritzer to evoke uplifting sensations of summer days.

Mama’s Balancing Bath 

Clary Sage Blossoms .40 oz
Pink Rose Petals .40 oz
Red Rose Petals .40 oz
Red Clover Blossoms .40
Marshmallow Root .40 oz
Hibiscus flowers .10 oz
1 Pint Canning Jar

Blend herbs together in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and transfer to a wide mouth canning jar. To use in a bath: Put ¾ cup–1 cup of Mama’s Balancing Bath herb mixture into a medium muslin bag. Fill bath and massage muslin bag in the water to release the sweet floral essence of this balancing bath blend. You can also self-massage and exfoliate with the herb filled muslin bag. 

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Rebecca's gift bags are lovingly curated from our customers favorites products and a great way to treat Mom on her special day!