The Story

Many years ago, Rebecca’s released our “Kill It All” essential oil blend. This is a very traditional combination (ingredients list here), historically used for its anti-microbial action. We were having a difficult time trying to come up with a good name for our new blend when someone said, “Why don’t we just call it Kill It All”? Once the name was spoken, it just stuck. That name has always bothered me, and here we are years later and we still have this great blend with the terrible name. 

We can do better. I know we can!


Contest Guidelines

Send in your suggestions for a new name via email to 


We have a drop-box in the shop for contest entries. 

The contest runs until March 9th.  
Multiple entries accepted.              

If we choose your suggestion to rename the blend, you win bragging rights and a $50 Gift Certificate to your choice of either our online or brick and mortar store.

In the event that we have duplicate entries with the decided New Name, we will choose from those entries at random to determine the winner. 

Everyone excepting those in the judging process is eligible to join in the contest. 

Good Luck and Thank You For Participating!