Oil Divine, because it’s great for men or women, really balancing and can be used many different ways, it’s a favorite, especially this time of year



Rebecca’s Tea Blends, because they are nutritious, delicious and a wonderful and unique gift for one person or the whole family.


Rose Shea Butter, because it smells amazing, it not only warms my heart it is also my favorite ultimate moisturizer for dry hands in the winter time.


Any of our salt scrubs, because they’re invigorating, luxurious and they wash the winter blues away.


Hardworking Hand Salve, because it’s instant moisturization for hardworking hands.


Divine Luxury Gift Box, because it’s everything one needs to relax all wrapped up in a beautiful box 


Frankincense & Myrrh Gift bag, because it’s a fun activity and it’s just so beautiful, and those smells together inspire reverence in me.


Mini Bath Salts, because they’re such a great stocking stuffer and who doesn’t love a hot bath in the dead of winter


Rose Bath & Body oil, because it’s gorgeous, decadent, so soft, so lovely, and sets the  mood for a great day every time I use it.


Forest Essential Oil Blend, because it’s grounding, it warms my spirit, enlivening and comforting, it brings the essence of trees into my home.