By Elizabeth Willis


Meadowsweet, Filipendula ulmaria

Parts Used: Aerial parts

Medicinal Properties
Protecting, regulating and healing the digestive tract is often a main goal of herbal formulations. Meadowsweet, known for its ability to help regulate stomach acidity, calm pain and soothe a digestive related headache is a profound helper to have in the medicine cabinet.

A specific remedy for heartburn, Meadowsweet can replace over the counter antacids. It is healing for peptic ulcer, dyspepsia and sourness in the stomach and throat. To ease digestive distress, enjoy the pleasant taste and aroma of a Meadowsweet tea before or after a meal. If you would like, this is an herb that can be easily blended with other digestive herbs for a more rounded tea blend.

Meadowsweet is also an effective anti-inflammatory herb, containing the chemical constituent salicylic acid which was the forerunner in the discovery of Aspirin. Used as a tea or tincture it can support inflammatory pain management, and can also cool fevers in children and adults.

Preparation of a Meadowsweet Tea
For a cup of tea, pour 1 cup of boiled water over approximately 1 tablespoon of dry, loose herb. Steep covered for 15-20min. Strain, drink and enjoy.

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