Make from Home! Herbal Bitters
March 26th, 2021

Friday, March 26th, 2021, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm MST 

Instructors, Liz Philbrick, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist &
Amber Graziano, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist

Join herbalists, Liz Philbrick and Amber Graziano, in this virtual class and make Herbal Bitters from the comfort of your home. Bitters are aromatic flavoring agents or medicinal extracts made from infusing herbs, fruit, and spices into alcohol. Bitters have a long history of medicinal use and have returned to popularity via craft herbal bitters and cocktails. The bitter flavor of these herbs can help to stimulate digestion while supporting liver and gastrointestinal health. In addition to their medicinal benefits, bitters also offer pure cocktail enjoyment! With purchase of the Herbal Bitter Ingredient Package, we will start the process of infusing 7 different herbs that you will be able to strain and use to create your own bitter formulas. In addition to demonstrating how to make bitters we will also discuss the different varieties of bitter and aromatic herbs and how to create your own custom bitter blends. 

Maximum number of participants: 30

Registration includes a handout and recipes and, if desired, an Herbal Bitter Ingredient Package with instructions for how to prepare recipes during class or at a later date. Additional supplies listed below are not included in the ingredient package and are required to make the Herbal Bitters.

When you place an order online for the class and choose to add the Herbal Bitter Ingredient Package to your purchase, you will be prompted to choose either Local Pickup or Shipment for your package. If you choose Local Pickup, we will send you a confirmation email when your package is assembled and ready for pickup at Rebecca’s brick and mortar store. 

To have your package shipped, you will need to sign up for the class at least 7-10 days before the class date in order to have the Herbal Bitter Ingredient Package on hand for the live class. The cost of shipping the package will be added onto your order (minimum $7.50). 

Herbal Bitter Ingredient Package Cost: $35.00
Gentian Root
Oregon Grape Root 
Ginger Root
Cardamom Pod
Hibiscus Flower
Lavender Flower
Orange peel
7 Jars for Infusing
Muslin Cloth for Straining
Blank labels 
3 Dropper Bottles for Formulating

Additional Supplies Needed: 
Mortar & pestle or blender or coffee grinder
(1) .75 liter bottle of Vodka (Titos, Monopolowa, Stolichnaya, or your favorite Vodka)
Measuring spoons
Honey or Maple syrup  

Ship Ingredient Package option - please order by TuesdayMarch 16th to plan for on-time delivery and to use during the Live Online Class. Ingredient Packages may also be enjoyed after the class and are non-refundable.

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