Ingredient Kit
Medicinal Mushrooms 101
February 12th, 2022

This item is an Optional Ingredient Kit to accompany the Class: Medicinal Mushrooms 101 on February 12th, 2022. (Class must be purchased separately.)

If you'd like the Kit shipped to you to use during the Live Online Class, please order by Wednesday, February 2nd to plan for on-time delivery. The cost of shipping the package will also be added to your order (a minimum of $7.50).

Local Pick-Up Ingredient Kits can be ordered up to 24 hours before the class start time. Ingredient Kits may also be enjoyed after class and are non-refundable. 

*The Medicinal Mushroom Ingredient Kit includes the following:
Cacao Powder, Roasted
Cordyceps Mushroom, Powder
Lion's Mane Mushroom, Powder

Reishi Mushroom, Slices
Turkey Tail Mushroom, Powder

Additional Supplies Needed for Recipes:
1 tsp. Cinnamon Powder
1 tsp. Ginger Powder
1 Can Full Fat Coconut Milk (Preferably Organic and BPA-Free)
2 Cups Dairy or Nondairy Mylk (Almond, Cashew, Rice)
2 Tablespoons Nut Butter (Almond, Sunflower, Peanut) 
2 Frozen Bananas
Sea salt
Vanilla Extract

Optional Supplies Needed for Recipes:
Cardamom Powder
Cayenne Powder
Coconut Oil
Protein Powder
Shredded Coconut 

*The photo used here is an example of items that are commonly included in our kits. The ingredients in this specific Class Kit are listed above. We make these kits to order by hand, so packaging may vary slightly.