Herbal Smoking Blends
August 16th, 2021

Monday, August 16th, 2021, 5:00 - 7:00 pm MDT

Instructors, Amber GrazianoCertified Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist and Sarah TroupesCertified Clinical Herbalist & Flower Essence Practitioner

Participants must be 18 years or older or have written consent from a guardian. 

We will explore the various ways to incorporate herbal smoke medicine in your life. Herbal smoke blends can be used in ritual and ceremony, for recreational purposes to share with friends and loved ones, to access dream states, for protection, to clear your space, to calm oneself, as a replacement for nicotine and so much more. We will share how to formulate your own smoking blend as well as discuss the properties of various smoking herbs. Students who desire hands-on participation can purchase the Ingredient Kit for pre-rolled herbal smoke blends and herbs to create a blend of your own! 

Maximum Number of In Person Participants: 10 people

Health protocols for In Person Class:

  • All tools and surfaces will be cleaned. 
  • We have a smaller class size to ensure safe distancing. 
  • Participants agree to self screen for COVID symptoms on the day of class and to cancel class registration if feeling unwell. 

Maximum Number of Online Participants: 20 people

For both in person and online, class registration includes a handout and recipes and, if desired, an Herbal Smoke Ingredient Kit with instructions for how to prepare herbal smoking blends together during class or at a later date. 

When you place an order online for the In Person or Online class and choose to add the optional Herbal Smoke Ingredient Kit to your purchase, you will be prompted to choose either Local Pickup or Shipment for your kit.

If you choose Local Pickup, we will send you a confirmation email when your kit is assembled and ready for pickup at Rebecca’s brick and mortar store. 

To have your kit shipped, you will need to sign up for the class at least 7 days before the class date in order to have the Herbal Smoke Ingredient Kit on hand for the live class. The cost of shipping the kit will be added onto your order (minimum $7.50).

Optional Herbal Smoke Ingredient Kit Cost $25.00
2 pre-rolled Herbal Smoke Blends 
Marshmallow leaf/flower
Rose petals
Hemp Papers

Additional Supplies Needed:
A bowl for mixing
A spray bottle with water
2-3 small jars for storing finished herbal smoke blends 

Ship Ingredient Kit option - please order by Monday, August 9th to plan for on-time delivery and to use during the Live Online Class. Ingredient Kit may also be enjoyed after the class. 

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