Embracing the Seasons:
Herbal Rituals for the Holidays
December 3rd, 2023

$ 50.00

Date: Sunday, December 3rd
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm MST
InstructorAmber GrazianoCertified Clinical Herbalist & Natural Product Formulator

Step into a world where ancient traditions intertwine with modern life in the enchanting class "Herbal Rituals for the Holidays." Guided by seasoned herbalist, this journey takes you through the tapestry of local plants, age-old wisdom, and holistic self-care. Uncover the stories behind time-honored rituals, connecting with the essence of Yule logs and solstice gatherings. Delve into the healing properties of native flora, from fortifying rosehip to invigorating pine, learning to craft teas, medicine, and skincare products. Culminate your experience by designing personalized ceremonies that blend tradition with innovation, creating touchstones that honor both the past and the present. In a world craving reconnection, this hands-on class experience offers a transformative path, where nature's wisdom and plant medicine harmonize to celebrate the seasons.

Maximum Number of Participants: 15