Return to The Feminine ~
A Self-Love Ritual
February 10th, 2024

$ 40.00

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm MST
Instructor: Marianah JadeFounder at The Women's Grove

In this experiential, embodied New Moon Ritual, we will harmonize with the power and beauty of the Feminine. The spiritual medicine of the Rose will be our guide for the journey, as well as sacred Water, consecrated by our worship of the Goddess within.

Through Embodiment Practice, and receiving the blessings of Mother Nature through her gift to us ~ The Rose ~ we will revitalize our senses, reconnect with our sensuality, and rejuvenate our feminine energy. Taking in the medicine of the Rose in multiple forms will fill us with the essence of The Feminine, and revitalize our self-love. You will leave this class with tools for self-healing which you can use again and again, ongoing in your daily life, as well as an in-the-moment remembrance of your worth and inner, ever-present beauty.

Students will learn the practice of crafting your own Floral Healing Water for prayer and self-blessings, as well as the art of anointing oneself with Floral oil for spiritual and sensual renewal. 

Maximum Number of Online Participants: 20

Self Love Ritual Ingredient Kit:
Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase this accompanying ingredient kit to maximize their class experience.


Sold Separately
Self Love Ritual Ingredient Kit:

Self Love Ritual Ingredient Kit Cost: $30.50