Herbal Allies for Fertility
February 24th, 2024

$ 45.00

Date: Saturday, February 24th, 2024
Time:  2:00 - 4:00 pm MST
Instructor: Christine OlanioCertified Clinical Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist, FAM Certified Practitioner

Perhaps you're on a journey to optimize your health before having a baby or currently trying to conceive and need support. This class is designed to give you the foundations you need for optimizing and nourishing your reproductive health for intentional conception.

In this 2-hour class, you will learn about holistic strategies to cultivate a healthy preconception period. We'll go over evidence-based herbal medicine for common fertility issues, supportive nutrition and targeted supplementation strategies while also learning about: - Using the menstrual cycle as your fifth vital sign - Regulating and nourishing key body systems for optimal fertility (thyroid, hormone health, immunity, gut health, sleep/circadian rhythm) - Optimizing egg quality - Potential environmental toxic exposures - Improving uterine and fallopian tube health - Male fertility support (40-50% of infertility are due to male factors).

This class is taught online through the Zoom platform.
Maximum Number of Online Participants: 15

Optional Fertility Ingredient Kit:
Participants may consider purchasing an optional ingredient kit if they would like to make recipes demonstrated in class at a later date. 


Sold Separately
Optional Ingredient Kit:

Fertility Ingredient Kit Cost: $20.00