All About Adaptogens
January 7th, 2024

$ 35.00

Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2023
Time: 12:00 - 2:30 pm MST
Instructor: Stephanie SelzCertified Clinical Herbalist

Adaptogens are an incredible class of herbs that can help make us stronger and more resilient, but did you know that they are all wildly different in how they affect our bodies?

Some adaptogens are relaxing and help with sleep and nourishment, while others are stimulating and help to bring out our vitality when we want to feel our full power! In this lecture and demonstration style class, you will learn which adaptogens might be right for your needs. We will go through the history of adaptogens, and discuss many individual adaptogenic herbs in detail. Make this class more hands-on with the optional Adaptogens Ingredient kit and try the herbs as we go!

This class is taught by Stephanie Selz, Certified Clinical Herbalist at Rebecca's Apothecary.

Maximum Number of Online Participants: 20

Adaptogens Ingredient Kit:
Participants may consider purchasing an optional ingredient kit if they would like to make recipes demonstrated in class at a later date. 


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Optional Ingredient Kit:

Adaptogens Ingredient Kit Cost: $15.00