Spiritual Hygiene 102
November 9th, 2019

Saturday, November 9th, 2019, 1:00-4:00 pm

Instructor, Julia Lyons, Earth-Centered Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Folk Herbalist

Cost: $55.00, Materials Fee Included 

This is a hands-on, make and take class. Spiritual hygiene provides us with the tools and practices that we need to maintain equilibrium, health, and comfort in the modern, high-paced environment that we live in today. Join Julia Lyons to take your spiritual hygiene practices a step further. In this class we will cover new visualizations for maintaining balance and harmony, garlic, herbal sachets, fans/feathers; and roller bottles/essential oils. Each participant will take home a roller bottle and herbal sachet. This class is taught in the oral tradition. If you are a note taker, please bring your own materials.

Students do not need to take Spiritual Hygiene 101 before taking this class. It, however, could be beneficial as there are certain things we will build from.


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