Natural Remedies for Vaginal Wellness
November 6th, 2020

Friday, November 6th, 2020, 4:30 pm -6:30 pm 

Instructors, Theresa Canosa, Certified Clinical Herbalist Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner & Amber Graziano, Certified Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Join clinical herbalists Theresa Canosa & Amber Graziano to deep dive into the world of vaginal & vulva wellness. In this class, we will discuss anatomy, hygiene, how to support balanced flora and herbal remedies for common vaginal issues. We will also address how emotions can play a role in our health and how Flower Essences can assist in releasing energetic blocks and imbalances. Participants will receive recipes and instructions for suppositories, spritzers, yoni steams, sitz baths, lubricants and more.  

Maximum Number of Participants: 30 

Registration includes a handout and recipes and if desired, a Vaginal Wellness Ingredient Package with instructions for how to prepare products during class or at a later date. 

When you place an order online for the class and choose to add the optional Vaginal Wellness Ingredient Package to your purchase, you will be prompted to choose either Local Pickup or Shipment for your package. 

If you choose Local Pickup, we will send you a confirmation email when your package is assembled and ready for pickup at Rebecca's brick and mortar store.

To have your package shipped, you will need to sign-up for the class at least 7 days before the class date in order to have the Vaginal Wellness Ingredient Package on hand for the live class. The cost of shipping the package will be added onto your order (minimum $7.50).

Optional Herbal Ingredient Package (Total-$33.00):
Yoni steam/Sitz Bath: 
.50 oz Beautiful Blend, .20 oz Sage, .30 oz Basil
Vulva Spritzer:
.50 oz Sage Hydrosol, .50 oz Rose Hydrosol with Flower Essences Crap Apple, Lavender, & Self Heal
DIY Suppository Ingredients:
2 oz Cocoa Butter, 4 oz Coconut Oil, .50 oz  Calendula Infused Olive Oil, .20 oz Marshmallow Powder, .20 oz Shatavari Powder
Tea Blends:
Spring Blossom + Yin Time

Other Supplies Needed:
Pyrex glass measuring cup or glass mason jar
1 small-medium saucepan
1 medium – large saucepan
Suppository mold or aluminum foil & wooden spoon
Large blanket 

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