Earth-Centered Parenting: Ancient Wisdom for the New Age Parent
June 11th, 2022

Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2022
2:30 - 4:30 pm MDT
Julia LyonsNew Mama, Folk Herbalist & Earth-Centered Healing PractitionerKristian Hval New Papa, Owner of Kundali Kombucha & Experienced Meditator

Babies, coming fresh onto this earth, are sensitive beings. They are more connected to energetics and the spiritual realms than we realize. From a minimally developed digestive system, to feeling the emotions of someone nearby, many things could cause discomfort (emotionally or physically) to a sensitive babe. This class will give you some ideas and tools to help navigate what might come up while raising a newborn. 

Implementing these practices can bring ease and compassion to the experience of parenting. Some things we will learn: simple and safe herbal remedies for soothing newborn experiences, herbal spiritual baths, smudging, and working with visualizations. This class will be geared toward teaching caretakers of kids.

Registration includes recipes and, if desired, an optional Earth-Centered Parenting Ingredient Kit which will give participants what they need to do the practices discussed in the class at a later date. Kits may be purchased separately through the link below.

This class is being offered both In Person and Online. Please use the drop-down menu below to select the correct offering, and inform us of any allergies when you sign up.

Health protocols for In Person Class.

Maximum Number of In Person Participants: 12
Maximum Number of Online Participants: 20

Sold Separately
Optional Ingredient Kit: Earth-Centered Parenting
Cost: $

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