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December 2008 Newsletter


Herb of the Month
In This Issue:

Happy holidays from everyone here at Rebecca's. When we look back on what we are thankful for, our awesome customers are at the top of the list. We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you!

Below is a list of our upcoming classes. Look for more seasonal classes to come. For full class descriptions and more upcoming classes please check our website at:

Wednesday Dec. 3rd OR Wednesday Dec. 17th 2008, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Herbal Holiday Gift Making
Same class offered two times. Choose best date for you.
Instructors: Katie Browning and Ashlee Bodo, Cost: $30
Celebrate the season! Come learn to create your own handmade herbal gifts for friends and loved ones.

Thursday Dec. 4th, 2008, 6:30-8:30pm
Herbal Honeys & Syrups
Instructor: Christina Bertelli, Cost: $30
Honeys and syrups make great gifts and are an herbal trick that will turn your medicine Cabinet into gold!

Tuesday Dec. 9th, 2008, 6:30-8:00pm
Lotion Making
Instructor: Deanna Gabriel, Cost: $35
Great for holiday gifts! Come discover how to make your own lotions using all natural ingredients!

Thursday Dec. 11th, 2008, 6:30-8:00pm
Luscious Lips
Instructor: Faith Goguen, Cost: $30
Join us for a fun demonstration of how to make your own natural lip balms and lip glosses.

The Rebecca's staff is excited to introduce our featured "Herb of the Month". Each month one of our staff members will pick an herb that they are drawn to, and will share some experiences, thoughts, medicinal uses and a bit of traditional lore about their selected plant. As each plant is unique, each Herbalist and point of view is unique. We hope you enjoy this new tradition.

Herb of the Month
Ancestral Airs Gift Card
Hawthorn Tree, Crataegus spp., Rosaceae family

By Katie Browning, certified herbalist

Parts used: Leaf, Flower & Berry

Medicinal Properties: Strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, balances blood pressure, good digestive (helps breakdown fats), serves to calm heart palpitations and nervous disorders such as restlessness and insomnia, astringent (diarrhea) and diuretic.

Preparations & Applications: Tea — infusion/decoction, syrup, honey-brandy (elixir), tincture or bath.

Hawthorn is a beautiful and sacred tree in the rose family that originates in northern Europe. Crataegus produces a gorgeous white flower around the beginning of May and is associated with Mayday fertility and marriage rites. In the fall the brilliant red berries infuse love and protection into the heart. Hawthorn used medicinally strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, balances blood pressure, serves to calm heart palpitations, nervous disorders, restlessness, insomnia and is astringent, diuretic and digestive. The leaves and flowers can be prepared as an infusion, tincture or bath and the berries are great as a decoction syrup, tincture, honey or my personal favorite — a brandy elixir!

New Products

foot scrub
New Products and Product News:
 Root, Leaf & Flower Tea
Ingredients: Burdock, Nettles & Red Clover blossoms. A lovely tonic tea, with a great earthy taste.
 Scar Oil
A much awaited new product, this incredibly healing blend of rosehip seed, vitamin E and essential oils is simple, traditional & profound.
 Fabulous Foot Scrub
Everyone loves soft feet. Enjoy this organic comfrey infused oil, pumice powder & menthol mix. You'll love it.
foot scruc
 Sandalwood Rose Perfume Oil
We have Faith to thank for this sensuous perfume. She has put two beautiful oils together to make one wonderful blend.
 Lavender and Rose Geranium Bath Oils
Both of these new bath oils are simple and soothing in a base of organic jojoba oil.
 Product Changes
Please note that all of our bath oils are now made in a base of golden, organic, 1st pressing jojoba oil. We're excited about this change, we hope you are too.
 Party in My Pants
A creative line of colorful cloth menstrual & nursing pads.

Other New Products:
 We have a great new selection of Stone Craft Art statuaries.
peace faces
 Peace Moon Faces created by a wonderful local artist.
 Great new gift cards, look for Ancestral Tree Cards collection of tree cards, Local Wild Flower Cards/Bookmarks, and also some new Consciously Creative prints.
 Planetary Design Press Pots and Mugs in new fun colors.
 Party in My Pants A creative line of colorful cloth menstrual & nursing pads.
 New bulk supplies. We've brought in Macadamia Nut Oil, Mango Butter, Distilled Witch Hazel Bark, Organic French Grey Salt (hand harvested), Xanthan Gum and Stearic Acid.

foot scrub
As the holidays are coming upon us, Rebecca's staff is busily getting together all of your holiday needs. We have a wonderful array of unique and beautifully crafted gifts for you to choose from, including the many products you've grown to love made right here in our kitchen. As always, we are making sure that we are well stocked with bulk ingredients to enable you to make your own herbal holiday delights.

Below are some of our holiday offerings.
 Rebecca's products made with love
 Gift baskets are back! We have wonderful gift baskets ranging from $30 - $160.
foot scruc
 Books & Inspirational Card Decks
 Eye pillows & neck warmers, locally made
 Healing hearts
 All your aromatherapy needs including diffusers and the highest quality oils
 Ornaments & more

Please note that we offer gift certificates and provide a customer wish list box. The wish list box is very much like a registry, create a list of the most desired gifts you would like to receive from Rebecca's and we will keep it on file for your friends and loved ones to reference.

Ashlee's pick
Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief by David Winston and Steven Maimes
"A great book for those who are interested in this important class of herbs. The authors do a thorough jog of covering historical as well as contemporary use of adaptogens. The book has a great section (Materia Medica) for the herbs, as well as discussion about stress, the immune system, the nervous system and more."

Deanna's Pick
The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook by James Green
"A must have for anyone interested in making their own herbal preparations! This book covers everything- gardening, harvesting, teas, tinctures, oils, honeys, syrups... this list goes on! James Green pairs great education with his entertaining personality! Awesome book!"

Faith's Pick
Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
Whatever happened to "food is the best medicine"? In this densely packed reference guide, Pitchford takes you back to the foundational approach to healing... nutrition. Using the framework of Asian healing traditions, he teaches us how to stay healthy and heal the body using simple, basic whole foods."

Katie's Pick
The Earthwise Herbal: A complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants by Matthew Wood
"A brilliant new herbal geared toward serious students of Western herbal medicine. Matthew has richly researched and presented the material in an easy to reference fashion. The "tissue states" and "specific indications" that he presents for each herb are indispensable and taken from his 25+ years of clinical experience"

Rebecca's Pick
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West by Michael Moore
"This is a required text for anyone studying Herbal Medicine in our area. Easy to read and use, Michael Moore gives clear information on the appearance, habitat, collecting, ecologic status, primary constituents, preparations and medicinal uses of our wonderful local plants. His writing is really funny too. I've had my copy for over a decade now, and still use it regularly."


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