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August 2009 Newsletter


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Our new reclaimed wood display by Jeffrey Figgs

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Welcome Summer!
You've been hearing about our shop additions that have been in the works, and now they are coming to fruition! Our new lines of flower essences are out on the floor and ready for you to come explore and create!

We have a new website! We hope you like it as much as we do. Look soon for new additions including: an Events Calendar, Frequently Asked Questions, video demos, a complete list of our bulk herbs and essential oils as well as a comprehensive list of our products! Check it out at

Aesthetically pleasing good news! Thanks to local artist and craftsman Jeffrey Figgs the store now has a stunning new display wall. Using the skills and tools handed down to him by his father, Jeffrey fashions his art using mostly hand tools and all reclaimed woods. The smooth edges and beeswax finish make this piece truly come alive. We are honored to also be featuring his incredible photography, again framed with beautiful reclaimed wood. A true Colorado native, Thank you Jeff for making our space even more enjoyable to work in! We love it!

Below is the August & September Class Schedule. Look for more seasonal classes to come. For full class descriptions and an archive of past classes please check our website at:

Herbal First Aid Kits
Wednesday, August 12th, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor, Katie Browning, certified herbalist
Cost: $30.00
Learn how to create your very own Herbal First Aid Kit in this fun and informative class...more

Making Body Butters
Tuesday, August 25th, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor, Faith Goguen, certified clinical herbalist
Cost: $35.00
This is a fun, hand-on class where you will get to learn about different natural butters including shea, cocoa, and mango butter...more

Hildegard's Medicine
Thursday, August 27th, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor, Karen DeClerk, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) & Herbalist
Cost: $25.00
Join Karen as she introduces you to Hildegard, the abbess, visionary, mystic, artist, composer, healer and herbalist...more

Aromatherapy Series
Aromatherapy I: Beginning, Wed., Sept. 9th, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Aromatherapy II: Blending & Applications Wed., Sept.16th, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Aromatherapy III: Hydrosols Wed., Sept. 23rd, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor: Ashlee Bodo, certified clinical herbalist and Katie Browning, certified herbalist
Cost: $30.00/class or $80.00/series (when you register in advance)
Checks payable to Ashlee Bodo or Katie Browning.
Aromatherapy I: Introduction
Learn about the basics of aromatherapy, including properties of some common oils, essential oils in first aid, safety issues, and much more!...more
Aromatherapy II: Blending & Applications
We will discuss properties of more essential oils, different extraction methods of oils, applications of oils, and explore blending techniques....
Aromatherapy III: Hydrosols
Come and explore the exciting world of hydrosols! Often considered the "homeopathic version of aromatherapy", hydrosols are the water-based solution created when essential oils are steam distilled...more

Herbs and Nutrition for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle
Tues., Sept. 29th, 2009, 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor: Katie Browning, certified herbalist and Faith Goguen, certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist
Cost: $30.00
Please join us for an informative evening to learn about ways to support a healthy menstrual cycle...more

Each month one of our staff members picks an herb that they are drawn to and shares some experiences, thoughts, medicinal uses and a bit of traditional lore about their selected plant. As each plant is unique, each Herbalist and point of view is unique. We hope you enjoy this tradition.

Common-St. John's Wort
Herb of the Month — August
Common-St. John's Wort, Klammath Weed, Hypericum
Latin Name-Hypericum perforatum; other species include H. forosum, H. scouleri Family-Hypericaceae

By Katie Browning

Parts Used
Flower (budding and open flower)

Herbaceous plant 2-3 ft. in height, leaves opposite and oval shaped, numerous flowers on the tips of stems, flowers bright, golden yellow that have tiny perforations (holes) in petals and stain fingers purple when squeezed. Blooms typically during late June (Summer Solstice/St. John the Baptist Day) and early July.

Medicinal Properties
Internally — St. John's Wort is a remedy that "Let's the sun shine in", it has gotten a huge reputation in the recent past for being a remedy for depression. However, traditionally St. John's Wort is for mild depression associated with outside influences such as S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), hormonal fluctuations as with PMS or emotional agitation due to chronic pain, not necessarily pathological depression. St. John's also works on the liver as a detoxifying agent and removes tension that accompanies liver congestion. It strengthens the nervous system especially through the solar plexus and aids in digestive function that may be impaired due to emotional distress. It has been used for chronic illness associated with chronic pain; and for painful, irregular menstrual periods that are accompanied by PMS, heaviness and pain. The anti-microbial and anti-viral properties of St. John's Wort have been used for influenza, TB and other viral outbreaks and has also been researched for HIV and AIDs due to it's anti-retro-viral activity. As an energetic remedy or flower essence Hypericum is said to "heal the holes in people". By serving as a strong protector St. John's Wort brings light to people who are sensitive and prone to fear, psychic attack, disturbed dreams or night terrors, and are overloaded with processing energetic information. Especially for those who feel things in their abdomen or solar plexus area.
St. John's Wort

Externally — Specific for neuralgia (nerve pain), myalgia, sciatica with sharp, shooting pain and inflammation, Hypericum is also superb for the topical relief of Shingles and Herpes simplex (cold sores), as it contains anti-viral compounds. St. John's is considered "wound medicine" classically having to do with wounds that are inflicted by sharp objects (needles, knifes, etc...). It is great for abrasions, skin ulcerations, boils, mild to moderate burns (stimulates granulary and capillary regeneration), muscle pain and joint or tissue inflammation. Use infused oil, wash, soak or compress.

Contra-indications — DO NOT USE during Pregnancy, with pre-existing Liver conditions, with pharmaceutical MAOI's or Birth control pills. Also, there is research that taken in large doses St. John's Wort can cause sensitivity to the sun...pale skin types use caution.

Preparations & Applications
Tincture — Fresh flower 1:2 use 20-30 drops 3x daily or homeopathic (drop) doses 3-5 drops for energetic uses.
Infusion (tea) — Dried flower. 1 tbsp. per 1 cup water, steep 15+ min. covered, strain and drink.
Infused Oil — Fresh Plant (in budding stage) in Olive Oil. Use 1tsp-1 tbsp and apply externally to effected area.
Flower Essence — Use 1-3 drops 3-5 times a day in water or sub-lingually (under tongue) as needed.

Feel Whole Massage & Bath Oil: for emotional protection or nerve pain
1/2 oz. St. John's Wort Infused Oil
1/2 oz. Yarrow Infused Oil
3 drops Yarrow Essential Oil
3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
3 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

Spiritual Bath
Equal parts of the following herbs:
St. John's Wort, Wood Betony, Yarrow, Rue & Calendula
Instructions: Use a handful of the combined herbs and place in a large jar. Pour water over herbs and steep in the sun (like a sun tea) for a full day. Strain and use the infusion (with your intention) in a bath or pour unstrained over body outside.

Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood
The Complete Floral Healer by Anne McIntyre
Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West by Michael Moore
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West by Michael Moore

New flower essences!
Dr. bach
We are so excited to introduce our two new lines of flower essences! The first new company we would like to introduce is the Alaskan Flower Essence Project. Established in 1984, they have been creating amazing essences from the beautiful Alaskan environment. We will be featuring their gem elixirs, environmental essences and other exciting combination formulas including; animal care, soul support, and pregnancy support.

The second flower essence company is Perelandra, established in 1981 and based in Virginia. We are excited to feature their garden essences made from the flowers of vegetables and herbs grown in the garden. We will also be carrying their ETS Plus for Soil, which is an essence that you can add to your garden or potted plants to replenish and invigorate the soil.

In addition to the new lines, we will also be offering a much needed new service, Custom Bach Flower Essence Formulas. When Dr. Edward Bach created his line of flower essences his mission was to make medicine that was accessible to everyone and that is exactly what we want to do here at Rebecca's. We have all the materials that you need right here to create your own personalized formula using the original 38 Bach Flower Essences. Stop by and check it out!

Custom, Natural Perfume Rollers
We now have roller bottles pre-filled with a beautiful first pressing, organic, jojoba oil. Simply pick up one of these bottles, and we can add any drops of essential oil you'd like, creating your own custom, natural perfume. Create your own aromatic bliss!

New Books
The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn-Maier
Excellent ideas and recipes on how to make your own natural cleaning products

Three exciting new additions to our Ethnobotany Section:
Native American Ethnobotany by Daniel Moerman
Native American Medicinal Plants, An ethnobotanical dictionary by Daniel Moerman
Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition, an Ethnobotany of Britain and Ireland by Allen & Hatfeild

Three new important ID & Garden Books:
North American Guide to Common Poisonous Plants & Mushrooms by Turner & von Aderkas
Botany for Gardeners revised edition by Brian Capon
Botanical Latin, 4th edition by William Stearn

As well as the very exciting Dyes from American Native Plants* by Richards & Tyrl
*to compliment Gypsy Wools (check out our friends, the independently owned, new wool store right next door!)

Local Herbs
Local Organic Herbs just arrived from right up the hill! Nettles, Raspberry Leaf, Passionflower (one of our favorites), Lemon Balm & Echinacea Flowers!

We are offering 10% the Herb of the Month, St. John's Wort dried herb and tincture!

Even more good news! We are excited to announce we are now PACE certified (Partners for a Clean Environment) to learn more about their commitment to foster environmental awareness check out their website at


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